A Chess-Style TCG for Competitive Players

Six Forms is a “chess style” trading card game crafted for players with a competitive spirit and desire for evocative high-fantasy art.

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25-45 Minutes   •   2 or 4 Players   •   Deep Strategy   •   230+ Unique Cards

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The Board

The tight grid-based board encourages exciting combat. Flying cards soar, adding a strategic 3D-chess like experience.

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The Cards

Battlefield cards move on the board like chess pieces, equip cards enhance your avatars, and action cards stimulate player interactions.

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The Game Play

We spent over 17+ years in game design and to craft game mechanics that give nods of respect to the 1,400-year time-tested game of chess.

Chess-Style Strategy

Six Forms breaks the TCG mold by introducing a “chess style” board, movement, and positioning. Victory in the game is determined by your ability to position cards in your favor — giving you a unique gaming experience.

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Kickstarter Launch Day

Six Forms’ Kickstarter launch is March 19th 2024. Celebrate

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How To Play

Six Forms is a game of deep strategy and can be learned in ~25 minutes. The games' rules are approachable and best learned through our videos. The comprehensive rulebook is for judges.

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The Six Forms Product


Six Forms features full-art trading cards. In the first set, Search for Power, there are over 230 unique cards.

Starter Decks

The two preconstructed decks "Corruption" and "Radiance" give players everything they need to jump in and start playing the game without cracking packs or purchasing a playmat.

Booster Boxes

  • Each sealed booster pack includes 13 cards.
  • Each Booster Box has 24 packs.
  • Each case contains 4 boxes - and good odds of finding a hidden rarity card.

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Resource Management

Your resources, energy cubes, live outside your deck and you gain one new resource per turn. Players can choose to use cards OR table top components — a joy for both TCG and board game players.

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Follow Six Forms, the tactical trading card game crafted to satisfy your craving for evocative art, high-fantasy lore, and gripping combat.

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Stores & The Competitive Scene

The first phase of competitive play is to focus on local game stores and kitchen tables. We have systems prepared to support game stores, volunteers, judges, and players.

These systems include judge reward programs, EOL tracking, deck techs, promotional product, and much more. If you want to see Six Forms at your local game store please reach out and we can talk with you about on-boarding.



Six Forms has easy to understand rarities: common, uncommon, rare, super rare, and hidden (1 in 72 booster packs). Plus, a special "patron" rarity for community cards.


Six Forms will have spot foiling or greater. We want our foils to feel special and we have several manufactures prepared to fulfill that commitment.

Special Cards

Six Forms will explore time-tested approaches in serialized, signed, redemption, and alt-art cards over time. However, collecability is driven by a healthy player base.


Six Forms cards include a set abbreviation, card-out-of numbering system, and are sorted by form, type, and name. Hidden cards include secret numbering.


Six Forms cards are manufactured with blue or black core paper, printed with high DPIs, and must pass QA processes in pre and post production.


Six Forms will be an accessible product. We commit to protecting players from to-the-moon speculation. We will respond to market demand accordingly.

Six Forms Roadmap

Step 1 (Prepare)

Refine Six Forms into the go-to card game played on a board.

Step 2 (Launch)

Gather the Six Forms community and launch the Kickstarter on March 19th 2024.

Step 3 (Deliver)

Put the thematic universe of Six Forms and the cards in your hands to enjoy.

Step 4 (Relationships)

Develop strong relationships with players, distribution, and local game stores.

Step 5 (Compete)

If possible, schedule a USA national tournament in Greenville, SC.

Step 6 (Second Set)

Prepare set two, Edge of Infinity, with new game mechanics and new tile system.

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The 17+ Year Journey

The initial game was drafted from construction paper on a friend's kitchen table in 2006 by Kevin Dees. From that time, we tested well over 30 significant variations and have put hundreds of hours into every detail.

Today, Six Forms is a artisan game, unconcerned with "the next big thing", and focused on the polish of play only longevity of time can bring.

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Behind The Game

Hi, I'm Kevin Dees. Thanks for your interest in Six Forms. I'm the game creator and owner of Play Bishop LLC. My background is in business, software development, and game design.

I started working on Six Forms after having the original vision for the game in the mid-2000s. Currently, the game is in the late stages of development, and I'm excited to share what we've made so far.

Most importantly, I owe a huge thanks to my family and friends for supporting me even when the game took four hours to complete. Thankfully, primarily to them, the game only takes the typical 25 - 45 minutes to play now.

Core Values

#1 Focus on the board

Six Forms seeks to be the the go-to trading card game on a board: extremely fun to play and strategically competitive.

#2 Eccentric artwork

For its size, Six Forms aims to have eccentric high-fantasy artwork in various artistic styles and expressions.

#3 Long-term health

Strong business relationships are the foundation of a healthy game. Six Forms is managed for the long-term.

#4 Community drive

Six Forms will listen to you, the community, and respond with vision and care. We will be a game with your fingerprints.

#5 Accessible product

Six Forms will be an accessible product and not a 401k alternative. We commit to mitigating to-the-moon speculation.

#6 Play your way

You can play at the table or remotely with friends. We will maintain fun dual and 4-player formats.

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